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    Who We are?       

     Established in 2007, we are the top U.S urban and community development planning and training firm located in metropolitan New York. We are the hub of professional planners, architects, developers, financial donors, and project development professional associations. We specialize in a variety of products and services related to the Planning & Development of urban areas, and its communities. We are the number one partner in the USAID, World Bank, IMF, United Nations Development Programmes, and have aligned ourselves with local and international planning and development firms for sustainable development.

    We have extensive experience in project inception to vision clarification, project planning, design, supporting institutional alignment, needed equipment procurement, and funding allocation collaboration. Our associates are highly qualified and market seasoned with combined hundreds of years of experience and global working backgrounds. We have on our staff associates available to produce top-notch development plans for private developers, local governments, institutions, firms, and organizations. When it comes to community and infrastructure development, our superior plans have won multiple awards from governments and officials in many local and global jurisdictions. All of our selected team members are leaders in their respective fields of specialization and possess acclaim and honors beyond the ordinary talent and skills.

    We are available for project development, consultation, project development and management, risk and hazard mitigation, hazard reduction and pollution reduction, sustainable community, and city government planning and management portfolios. We are available to work with any project small or large because we work with passion and believe that “no people are insignificant”. We are honored to participate in the “Great American Dream” which is to excel humans in all areas of life and partner ourselves with the American mandate of global peace, prosperity, and happiness.

    When it comes to costs and fees, our programs are most of the time financed by the international developing donor agencies. Which means a zero cost to you and to your organization as well as to the community. Just let us know what your needs are and we will rush our team of global partners to your location, discuss and design the plans, locate and arrange donations and fundings, finance the programs, develop and launch the developments, assist and train your local managers, and then shake hands and walk away with a smile by tipping our hats off. Because we know and understand that underneath our skins we all are the same, humans trying to establish utopia for our children and families. At Menecracy, we are the vanguards of human development and believe that true peace and happiness can only be achieved by peaceful corporations and with joint efforts.