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Menecracy Development Institute is the pioneer in the planning and development fields. We develop thoughts into policy, and then we provide physical aspects of planning towards a strategic and implementable plan. We serve local and municipal governments, planning professionals (by developing an insource work relationship), and also we serve communities to reach their sustainable and futuristic goals of happiness through economic, social, and environmental planning methods.

We have been in business since 2007. We started out in Houston, Texas but later moved to New York City in 2016. Since we have developed hundreds of programs, work schedules, plans of development, infrastructure plans, transport and commute plans, solid waste management plans, social and urban regrowth plans, economic development plans, community service and development plans, environmental protection and management plans, and a host of plans for all kind of entities. We worked on numerous global projects allowing us to work in developing nations as well as in local communities within the United States and we have accumulated a large experience of dealing with all possible community and local planning and management challenges.

The planning process is more than the rubric and a plat or the matrix of work objectives rather it is the combination of multiple subjects and wishes what the community or the planning agency intends to achieve. We, therefore, take every planning process and the research process seriously, assuring our partners in the planning field as well as the beneficiaries of the process to take a highly acceptable and sustainable approach.

Our process is simple yet highly effective and competitive. We aspire for the best and also employ best practices with thorough research and exploration process. Each and every project we take is a hallmark of our achievements and the progress we tend to provide for our clients. We are always at an improving level because what we did yesterday has brought us lessons and had pointed out unresolved issues and challenges what has been ignored by market planners, therefore we take pride in our work and it shows in our projects and outcome reports.

Our teams are not static, therefore we employ the best planners and support staff for each project with competency and with highly quantifiable skills verifications. We pay more than the market because our products are superior in quality and are at an unmatched standard. We hope to serve your community in the near future because we not only plan, we generate happiness as the end product of our processes and works.