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    Accounting and Bookkeeping ServicesAccounting and bookkeeping are two essential elements of any business whether it is home-based or a firm doing business in commercial, industrial and or the small industry. Then there are high costs involved to hire a fulltime accountant, bookkeeper and or the person to prepare books, pay bills, prepare taxes and also maintain records for legal and tax audit purposes. These are the few elements making bookkeeping essential and mandatory for all businesses regardless of the nature and the type or the size.

    All payments received by the firm are not always cash. there are payments deferred, as well as paid by other mediums such as check, credit or debit card and also the monthly recurring payments. Some payments are directly deposited into the company account(s) by customers, vendors, and by many other prospects. These payments are needed to be processed and placed into the right account for on time, proper crediting and debit purposes. There comes the real task, it is called the bank and customer account(s) reconciliation. This is the hard part where multiple bank accounts are needed to be paired with customer accounts. This is a tidy task requiring expertise and proper attention. Little mistakes can cost the firm (business) a lot more in lost revenue, overpayments undercharges, and may also cause legal complications.

    Another element of the bookkeeping and accounts is balancing the books. This is where revenues, sales, customer payments, payables, receivables, employee wages, and salaries,  tax deductions, sales tax payments and much more comes into the play. All of these tasks need proper maintenance and recordkeeping. Businesses may be making profits but without proper books maintenance and knowledge, it will never know the real profit or the losses and may even never get to the fullest potential of providing its services to its customers.

    We at the Menecracy Development Institute (MDI) are professional bookkeeping and record maintenance company where we take the guesswork out of the businesses and provide real human support with the aided technology for accounting and record maintenance.

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    We also assist in preparing for Tax audits. If for any reason your business has been selected for the taxation payments, sales and revenue record audits, the MDI is your best choice. we have prepared and assisted in audits and are experts in representing your company and or assisting your firm to get the records in proper and presentable fashion. We will complete the task even if you are time bound and needed it yesterday. As we receive your phone call, we will go to work immediately and shall not rest until the task is complete and the proper relief is in sight.

    We prepare daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, and annual statements for your accounts and will provide them at no additional cost. We also prepare the profit-loss statement, business forecasts, marginal cost and profit breakdown, strategic statements, and any other needed by your business. We promise speedy and accurate delivery and assure quality with no additional coast to your business.Image result for forecasts

    We have arrangements to collect paperwork directly from your place of business. Our representative normally collect paperwork from your business on a weekly basis. This way you will not need to visit our office with unnecessary trips which saves time and money.

    Handshake Man PNGLet’s do the accounting for your business that you may do what is best to continue serving your customers. We are available for onetime service, monthly contract as well as annual contracts. Our best price and excellent service guarantee are unbeatable. We will match or provide greater discounts against any written price quote from a reputable and verifiable accounting and bookkeeping firm.

    MDI has now opened its newest location in Houston, Texas. We are located in Northwest Houston. Give us a call and we will come to you with complete details of your accounting solutions. We have price, quality, and speed guaranteed to be the best in the industry.