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    Brokerage House

    Menecracy brokerage firm, or our internal brokerage unit is a middleman institution that facilitates the buying and selling of global commodities, products and services between global buyers and a sellers.Our

    Menecracy Brokerage serve a clientele of investors who trade, invest and or are seeking money making opportunities and other securities, usually through the firm’s agent stockbrokers. Our traditional, or “full service”, brokerage firm usually undertakes more than simply carrying out a proeucts or commodity trade. The staff of our brokerage firm is entrusted with the responsibility of researching the markets to provide appropriate recommendations, and in doing so they direct the actions of pension fund managers and portfolio managers alike. These firms also offer margin loans for certain approved clients to purchase investments on credit, subject to agreed terms and conditions.

    Menecracy brokerage unit is also a source of up-to-date on demand need based products prices and quotes.