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    Consultancy and Training

    Consultancy Services

    Our dedicated team of highly experienced consultants can offer you expert advice and guidance. From business planning, board development, strategic development, to financial services, bid and tender writing, our consultants use their combined strength of competencies and expertise to deliver the right results that bring lasting value

    Strategic Development

    Review and development of your organization and projects, helping you to get where you want to be. This includes development of your organization’s vision, mission, values and working with you to develop your strategic business plan.


    This includes the development of income-generation strategies, researching and identifying potential funders and coaching you through the application process. We provide expert support and advice for your funding applications.

     Research and Evaluation

    Many funders now require external assessment, evaluation and validation of projects. We can help you with all aspects of research, monitoring and evaluation.

    Change Management

    Realizing any improvement strategy requires care, control and communication. We can help you every step of the way and create processes to understand your situation, develop ideas for improvement and communicate these to help your team make sense of it all.

     Team Building

    We offer tailored programmes to bring out the best in a team; encouraging personal development, leadership skills, positive communication, and the ability to work closely together to problem solve. We can provide tailored Action Days in the community.

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Responsible business and corporate social responsibility involves companies identifying risks and running your business in a manner that produces a positive impact on society, the environment and your business.  We can support you to deliver strategic, innovative and creative CSR solutions. We understand that in today’s competitive world this must add value to your business.

     Board Development

    We can help you to identify the skills and techniques that you need to build and maintain an effective Board, including skills audits, the importance of working together, facilitated Away Days and conflict resolution.

    Mergers and Collaboration

    Bringing two or more organizations together brings particular challenges. We can assist with merger plans, due diligence, staff integration and feasibility studies.

    Organizational Development

    Facilitated programmes to increase the long-term health and performance of your organization. We can assist in restructuring to meet your needs whether you are managing cuts or expanding your activities along with communication plans and strategies.

    Our reputation within the voluntary and community sector has been built through the application of our core values of professionalism, collaboration, innovation and community