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    Continuous Professional Development

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    Professional Development Courses to Help Your Organization and Employees Succeed

    Professional Development Solutions for Managers

    With the technology available in today’s classrooms, there are more options than ever for your business to engage with your experienced consultants and deliver personalized performance boosting profit and enhancing your image. That’s why we developed more than 20 courses designed specifically to train your employees and managers the foundations of instructional technologies and help you develop these competencies—

    Benefits of Professional Development

    We can develop customized platforms for your teacher’s training. They may access the platform as they need to develop additional tools and are in need of expanding and updating their skills. Our online PD is available anytime, from any device, so your team may learn when it is convenient for them.

    Immediate Applicability

    We provide systematic instructions in gaining knowledge, learning strategies, and creating artifacts that you can apply immediately in the classroom.

    Setting Up a Modern Organization within the Business Environment

    For Trainers and managers with little or no experience using instructional technology. Foundational courses that focus on setting up, designing, and enhancing instructional materials and methods with technology in the modern classroom.

    21st-Century Instructional Practices

    Build your understanding of instructional technology frameworks and explore which one works best for you.

    Designing for the 21st-Century Classroom

    We will sit with your team and managers and develop a strategy to go step by step through building the competencies your managers need to increase their productivity.

    Enhancing Instruction with Technology

    We will train your managers and internal team to become effective in applying strategies for effective planning for professional enhancement and better service with technology. 

    Flipping Your Organization

    Explore blended learning and “bring your own device” strategies for implementing a flipped instructional lesson.

    Digital Citizenship

    Explore issues of safety, security, and etiquette when using digital tools to engage your students.

    Department Device Management

    Develop a technology resource inventory to keep on top of the devices, access codes, and other objects with your employees and associates.

    Organizational Instruction Using an OMS (Organization Management System)

    Understand and apply the features of an OMS that can drive success in your workers best performance with beneficial and productive outcomes.

    Standards-Based Digital Instruction

    Learn to plan for developing and keeping your employees on board to align best services with time management and performance evaluations.

    Implementing and Enhancing Instructions Design

    For managers, trainers and executive leaders with moderate instructional technology use. We will custom develop courses that can provide your organization with the competencies and immediately applicable artifacts to take your instructions to the next level. 

    Personalized Instruction

    Explore personalizing competency-based instruction in a blended environment.

    Personalized Learning Through Gaming (PLTG)

    Discover innovative ways to motivate and engage learners in a personalized environment using gamification strategies.

    Implementing Adaptive Learning

    Find applied strategies to adapt to the needs of your various layers of employees. There are warehouse workers, drivers, delivery people and then office support staff and the highest layer is the top management and executives. We can develop a synergy between them all and provide solutions where instructions, company policies and rules are dispensed at various access and broadcast levels. We will develop programs and applications where each group will receive exactly what they need, instead of getting clusters of unnecessary information and instructions.

    Designing Instruction for Adaptive Learning

    See how universal design for learning (UDL) can improve learning for employees with diverse needs.

    Collaborative Learning Environments

    We also develop structures and systems for leveraging technology in collaborative learning while building the skills to keep your employees and teams safe.

    Understanding Competency-Based Instruction

    We provide instructions on teaching on how to apply effective pedagogical strategies for implementing competency-based instruction, creating an educational environment that values employee voice and pace.

    Understanding Competency-Based Curriculum

    With our state of the art technology and experienced trainers you will gain an understanding of the differences between standards, outcomes, and competencies and the skills to integrate them into various departmental instructions.

    One-To-One Environment in Action

    Your organization and managers will gain an appreciation for the very real connection between theory and practice within the learning environment, routines and structures, digital citizenship, and more.

    Leading and Coaching Others

    For trainers, leaders and PD professionals special needs we are here to lead managers and top management in their professional development goals and to teach them the best practices for building, implementing, and evaluating solutions for all levels of organizational teams and subordinates.

    Adult Learning Theory

    We proclaim that for added effectiveness your organization can benefit extremely with professional development that is based on the following six principles of adult learning theory.

    Instructional Coaching

    Explore and evaluate coaching models and techniques that focus on solutions, not problems.

    Manager’s Evaluation and Assessment

    Find the manager’s assessment and evaluation models that can strengthen employees’ knowledge, skills, work practices, and more.

    Professional Learning Communities

    Explore current structures and systems for building and optimizing professional learning communities (PLCs) for maximum effectiveness.

    Professional Development in Action

    Create a collaborative professional development plan that includes coaching and evaluating employee performance.

    Implementing Site-Based Initiatives

    Find creative ways to develop and implement a complete plan for rolling out a new initiative within an organization.