The environment is an integral part of human life as it is essential for life and physical sustainability. Nature has its mechanisms where ecosystem requires understanding, knowledge, and then adaptation of the “environmental system ecology” theory. Environmental degradation has been connected with poverty. Economically stipped geographic zones have greater environmental problems. It is, therefore, imperative that the riches of economics is only possible when environmental protection is in place. We at Menecracy have decades of experience in environmental protection, management, and policy development. The first step towards this regard is to have a policy in place. Policy means thoughts transformation into action and strategic plans. We develop such plans as unique as the environment of each zone and the region. Next step, we make sure that living areas are segregated from industrial and other utility zones. This way controlled pollution does not become a health hazard and the life of the planet, as well as its ecosystems, are preserved to the fullest while maintaining property values and negating the huge cost of remediation and environmental pollution cleansing.

We have expertise in developing yesteryear’s environmental pollution areas. We prepare plans for the redevelopment of Brownfields into Greenland and usable areas. Our top environmental planners are available for project and long-term consultation.