Welcome to the Menecracy Development Institute website. I am glad that you have stopped and taken the time to get to know us.

We are an urban planning and development firm located in the New York region. we first opened our doors in the year 2007 and the founder wrote a book on the topic of Menecracy. It simply meant “people’s development and sustainable living on the planet earth”. However, two decades ago life was not much different but there was a lack of planning and policy understanding and most of the development followed two basic elements. One it was need-based and spot planning and second, it was profit-oriented. These two elements overwhelmingly ruled the spatial plans and the planet and its urban areas were being developed with organic growth and sprawl of communities. There were rare concerns of comprehensiveness and sustainability.

The world since has healed and many unplanned geographic regions have adopted goals and measures geared towards healthy and happy communities. Menecracy Development institute has been an involved and practical partner in the growth of planned neighborhoods, human facilities of everyday needs, and also we have been an advocate of continuous focus towards sustainable development (good for today and good for future generations).

We have been constantly and continuously at work with our partner firms, governments, and businesses for a greener, and healthy future. We house a number of in-house expert planners and also have alliances globally with renowned planners, policymakers, and development professionals. We strive for the best and our motto is to deliver excellence in services as well as in our attitude and customer relations.

Please browse our website and let me know where and how we can partner with you to develop success and progress your brand towards higher profits and revenue savings as well as higher yields of satisfaction and growth. We are ready to undertake sub-contracting for any size of the development project(s). We have the expertise, tools, and staff to deliver excellence and success to your developmental projects.

I am leaving the light on. Please let us know how we can be of any assistance in the journey of happiness and brighter communities!

Dr. M. Qasim

BA, MPA, MCP, Ph.D. (Planning and Policy)

Chief Executive Officer

My email: ceo@menecracy.com