Natural disasters have increased in frequency and intensity over the last three decades. We have had a Great Tsunami, greater magnitude earthquakes, unprecedented heat waves, rising ocean waters, flooding, and latest the COVID-19 and pandemics. With these and many risks floating and stationary, the need for disaster management has increased tenfold. The main challenge is that the field has been ignored for a long and there are not enough professionals equipped and trained with the knowledge to meet the challenges of natural disasters.

The second most daunting issue when dealing with natural disasters is that since these disasters come without announcement and advance warnings, therefore, governments and planning agencies have dedicated very dwarf budgets and are not ready to deal with larger natural challenges when they take place.

We at Menecracy Development institute are aware of the quandary and are constantly educating planners and officials alike with the support and instructions of disaster management techniques and plans. We support disaster management teams to be active at all levels and keep training and action plans in place if anything of invincible does arrive.

We provide support and training certification in Risk allocation, hazard identification, and disaster management. We have the internal planning team available for training, planning, and implementation services available.