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    Our Team/ Assosicates

    Dr. Mohammad Qasim

    BA, MCP, MPA, PhD (USA)

    Chief Project Developer

    Dr. Qasim has been a pioneer of the Menecracy Development Institute. He has extensive work experience with global development programs. He has worked with the USAID, The World Bank, and the United Nations for a number of projects involving global-local governments in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. He is the top project producer and infrastructure development expert specializing in the environment, development, and training. He is also a professor and a trainer, motivational speaker and published author. He has written five books which are on sale at various book stores across the globe. His main achievement has been the “Menecracy” book which has become a bestseller and has been hailed by theorists to be a classical work of historical nature. He is also the CEO of the Menecracy Development Institute.


    Zare Mohanno

    Vice President- Psychological Development

    Zare Mohanno oversees assistant editors and has the authority to the final say about what stories, books, and journal articles are published and how they are covered. Additional duties to his position are to delegate assistant editors, writers, reporters, and other subordinates. He has over five years of experience in budget planning, contract negotiations with freelance writers, government officials and other media-related entities. He is well versed in social media SEO and optimization. He has worked with notable publishers and is highly skilled in business communications and international book marketing. 

    Zare holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Music from Rice University, Houston, Texas. He has extensive experience in working with human development issues such as youth development, job market based on special characteristics development, investment portfolio verification with the human and psychological characteristics, publishing, editing, books, and research papers.

    Muhammad Tahir Khan Joiya


    Country Director and Advisor

    Harry Desmond Jackson

    Specialist in Comprehensive Developmental Planning

    Sana Mrhafri

    Manuscript Editor and

    Research Referee

    Julio Montes Sr.

    Associate Chief Engineer and Project Analyst

    Julio Montes Sr. is a Ph.D. scholar pursuing his Doctor of Philosophy in Urban Planning and Environmental Policy at Texas Southern University, Houston. He has over ten years of experience a Senior Project Manager with the City of Houston in the Engineering and Works Department. He is an expert in cost analysis, budgeting for mega building projects, and is an expert in the engineering and feasibility analysis and reporting. He received his Master in Community Development and Architecture from the University of Houston.

    Julio Montes Sr. brings in the over thirty experts in the areas of community development, infrastructure development of megaprojects and experience of government regulations and project development. He has managed projects of international repute with government and private entities. He reviews each of our project for peculiarity and details of compliance, budgeting, procurement and H.R costs.

    Picture coming soon
    Osama Salis

    Associate Country Editor

    (South Asia)

    Osama Salis is an intellectual with great understanding and power of the education and professional industry. He holds a Master’s degree in Sociology and Rural Economics from the renowned University of Agriculture, Faisalabad. Currently, he is pursuing M. Phil in Sociology from Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad. He is an expert in the publishing and printing field and is an excellent editor with varied experience both in the print and the electronic media. He has excellent grip over the professional organization’s universities, lawyers forums, and research organizations in Pakistan.  


    Elena Yefanova

    Director Admissions and Studies


    Dr. Korush Alexander

    Senior Vice President

    Rachel Marksman

    Acquisition Director

    Joseph Rangel

    Marketing Director

    Solomon Alexan

    Training and Development Director

    Simon Coleman

    Director of International Development

    Douglas Michael Foley

    Budgeting and Accounts Director

    Robert Alneuhart

    Human Resources and Administration Director

    Chloe Rosanne Smith

    Project Development Director

    Amelia Sofie

    Planning and Development Director

    Oliver Messilmor

    Talent Acquisition Director

    George Wildermon

    Field Research Director

    Qudias Gonzales

    Research and Development Director

    Many more associate showcasing in progress. please check back again soon.

    If you believe you have what it takes to be part of the MDI, please feel free to contact us by clicking on the Contact Us link.