Human life on planet earth is not stationary. Constant changes in demographics, the environment, economics, politics, ideologies, and nurturing constantly devise and divide societies for the better or the worst. These social and economic changes are invisible at the first but do create a huge impact upon the health and wellbeing of communities and resources.

Menecracy Development Institute has the expertise to assist developmental organizations to establish the planning and policy advisory committees and provide necessary and crucial training for its members. This way changes as they happen are tackled and dealt with internally by devising a policy framework or change of the policy for the betterment and continuous progress.

Another element asserting the need of the policy and planning advisory committee is the framework of paradigms. Due to the rapid changes in informatics and the fast speed of information broadcasting several of the old paradigms are dying and new paradigms are constantly shifting or are being born. Since managers are only involved in day-to-day operational management, they are not equipped or trained to tackle challenges of unprecedented nature. This is where the planning and policy framework and a trained committee play a pivotal role in keeping and maintaining the speed of success and progress. We at Menecracy development Institute can provide an initial analysis of the areas where the planning advisory may be required, and then we can develop a comprehensive policy framework, and at the last stage can train your credible members for the policy tasks and continuous monitoring. we also develop thresholds and indicators of policy analysis and frameworks of planning needs.