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    Our mission at the Menecracy is to develop humanity for sustainable living. In this regard, we assist communities to realize what their needs and aspirations are. Governments are established to assist citizens live a decent, peaceful and healthy life. We assist local and state governments to develop urban planning models, realize their vision and to provide strategic support in achieving the infrastructure, community development and human excellence. Our goal is to empower communities and individuals to reap their potential to the maxim and to arrive at the best possible solutions for their wants. We create balance between the community wants and the government’s provisions as per the scarce resources.

    There are over one hundred secondary plans within the spheres of the Comprehensive landuse and community development areas. We therefore genuinely carry out need analysis for each situation and then develop what is the standard planning towards each of the element. This way nothing is left to the chance and we not only provide maximum benefits as output (immediate returns) but also assure that the outcome (long term benefits) are also achieved.

    Our top and state of the art planning models leave nothing to the chance. Our landmark planning with our previous and current partner communities and governments is the exhibition of our hallmark achievements. We promise to deliver the excessive performance which is always beyond the ordinary planning. 

    We challenge you to call us and let us review your unique situation. Let us give you  free and no commitment quotes. We are sure that our planning performance and relationship will dazzle your communities and the officials. Let us develop a life long relationship because sustainable development after all means “the best for our next generations”.