We at Menecracy are a highly qualified and seasoned team of education professionals. We offer the opportunities of higher education and admissions, accommodation arrangements, part-time employment placement, and degree evaluation services for international students. There are hundreds of seats left vacant in almost every educational field approved by the U.S. Department of Education and other accredited institution. We can match you with the institution of your desires and needs. 

Areas of higher education and skills

Film and Acting Career education

Film industry technician and related career diplomas

Business Studies

Technology Studies

Management Studies

Tourism and Hospitality

Food and Beverage Studies

Design Studies

Economic Studies

Engineering Studies

Journalism and Mass Communication

Art Studies

Computer Science


Administration Studies

Information Technology

Marketing Studies


Social Sciences



Performing Arts

Culinary Arts

Business Management





Business Administration

Hospitality Management

Graphic Design

Social Work




Computer Arts

This is a partial list. We can offer admissions at one of our partner university or the one with your desire and choice.

Advanced Diploma

Advanced diploma programs provide principal learning in a specialized field, intended to lead students directly to a job or prepare them for continued study. Advanced diplomas are most often offered at community colleges and technical schools for one- to two year programs. In the United States, an advanced diploma generally requires post-graduate A-level qualifications as well as additional or specialist learning components.

We offer admissions year round. During all semesters Like Fall, Spring and Summer we have programs offering admissions.