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    Tax Preparation

    Image result for tax preparationTaxation is one of the essential elements of all businesses. There are several types of taxations required to be filed by each individual as well as businesses. Business employing other people are to deduct several types of taxes from the employee paycheck and are required to deposit it to the proper agency quarterly. Sales taxes are also collected from individual sales but reported and paid quarterly. Income tax, franchise tax, inventory tax, wealth tax, and a multiple line of taxes is required from all business types in disregard to the nature, size, and type of the business.

    We prepare and provide assistance in all types of taxation and filing. Recordkeeping, maintenance ofImage result for tax exemptions accounts and files as per the specification of each regulatory agency. Our tax preparation experts are highly skilled and knowledgable with the latest tax codes, exemptions, and discounts. Therefore, when your business is working with the MDI, you are getting a triple tier guarantee of accuracy, transparency, and utilization of available exemptions.

     We offer a combination of contracts with accounting, training and taxation services for our business clients. This way a comprehensive contract can save your business hundreds of dollars. Please inquire about our all-business-needs contract.

    Our contracts are offered on variable terms from onetime service to annual and unlimited terms with automatic renewals.