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    Vision and Mission Statements

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    Menecracy is the world’s first and the largest employer offering freelance associate ownership for working with the Menecracy professional business domains. We are to provide lowest price services with trust and lifetime relationships. We are also to distribute these money making opportunities to all human beings worthy of serving the humanity while earning a decent living. Menecracy is the hope, and the future of humanity with acclamation of values.


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    By offering open association of professional and skilled partnership, we will become the world’s largest opportunity company in any given field on the planet earth. We therefore have created open work and financial gain opportunities for any human being with disregard to his/ her gender, color, race, language and culture, religion and faith and personal set of social values.


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    To apply for an opportunity of working with us of a salaried or freelance associate position, there is no need to take any test, verify your IQ, answer embarrassing curriculum and field of studies questions.

    Just fill in the application, we believe and practice 100% honesty. Lying, cheating, or false identity individuals will be banned from the future opportunities and reported to the authorities of violation of local and international laws.